Social Media. Visualized.
Almost 7 million people in South Africa have access to email and the Internet.

FirstSnap is tailor-made for the motor industry allowing dealerships to
market directly to their customers’ social network, creating sales
opportunities within the brand and opens doors for conquest sales.

FirstSnap allows motor dealerships to advertise cost-effectively
through viral marketing and social media using a sale to their
current customer base as the starting point.

The FirstSnap dealer application sends your customers a
dealership-branded email with a photo of themselves taking
delivery of their new car and allows them to:

» Share the photo with friends via email, Facebook and Twitter
» Invite friends to comment on their photo
» Direct friends to your dealer website / Facebook page

FirstSnap’s viral communication is individualised per dealership
and is routed via email, Facebook upload and / or Twitter post.
The look and feel of the brand is incorporated into the
communication and links to the dealer website or Facebook page.

With FirstSnap your dealership can reach new potential customers through the power of viral marketing and social media.

FirstSnap is quick and easy to use:

1. Take a photo with an iPad 2 or digital camera of your
    customer taking delivery of their new car
2. Upload it to FirstSnap via the iPad 2 or Web-based application
3. FirstSnap will email the photo to your customer

Your customer can now share this moment with their friends through email, upload on his/her Facebook wall or Twitter post of the dealership branded picture.

To get you started, the skilled FirstSnap team will take care of the initial branding and set up of the application.

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